RAL 'Design' colour guides  

RAL 'Design' colour guides

RAL DESIGN (7-digit) colour references have been developed for advanced colour management - e.g. for designers, architects and advertising agencies.

The RAL Design system consists of 1825 colours and assists with colour harmonies and is referenced in terms of hue, lightness and chroma.

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RAL Design Plus D2 colour fan

Incl. colours: Click here
Finish: semi-matt.

Fan set in a long box containing all 1825 RAL Design colours (including 26 new pastel colours) in a semi-matt finish. Size 29 X 5 cm - 9 colours per sheet with each individual colour palette of 5 X 2.5 cms.

Perfect for comparing harmonised colours.

Price: £152.99  each incl.

Ral Design Colour cards

Individual A6 RAL Design colour sheets

Size: 148 x 105mm - 5.83" x 4.13"
Finish: Semi-matt
Price: £ 10.99 per card incl.

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