Free UK delivery Delivery Service

Approximate delivery times are as follows:

Colour Guides

Colour guides are dispatched using standard postal services.

Typical UK delivery times (by first class mail) are 2-3 days but will be longer to other countries.

Delivery outside the UK is by airmail*.

Europe: 3-5 working days

United States: 7-10 working days

Other: 7-10 working days

Airsure/trackable/signed for: A higher priority, trackable service is available for some counties. However an earlier delivery date is not guaranteed.

Orders will need to be received by 2:00 pm. Time now:

Orders received after 2:00 pm will be dispatched on the next working day.

Whilst every effort is made to deliver within the specified time, arrival times and dates cannot be guaranteed.

* Delivery outside of the UK is by airmail services only. We regret that we cannot use couriers.

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