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AMS Standard 595A  

AMS Standard 595A

The AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) Standard color system, named AMS Standard 595A - Colors Used in Government Procurement, is a United States Standard, issued by the SAE and supersedes the Federal Std. 595C.

The standard is also referred to as AMS-STD-595A.

AMS Standard 595A is the color description and communication system developed in 2016 and became current in 2017.

Each color in the AMS Standard 595A range is identified by a five-digit code. The colors in the standard have no official names.

The initial letter refers to the level of gloss:
1xxxx: Gloss: min 80
2xxxx: Semi-gloss: 30-45
3xxxx: Flat/Matt: max 6

AMS Spec. 595A colour chips

Individual AMS Standard 595A color chip

Size: 76 x 127mm - 3" x 5"
Finish: 1xxxx Gloss min 80; 2xxxx Semi-gloss 30-45; 3xxxx Flat/matt max 6

We regret that a few colour chips may not be available and are therefore not included in the list below.
Price: £13.99 Sale price: £ 3.99 per chip incl.

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