US Federal Standard color guides  

US Federal Standard color guides

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The Federal Standard color system, officially named Federal Standard 595C - Colors Used in Government Procurement, is a United States Federal Standard, issued by the General Services Administration.

Federal Standard 595C from 2008 is now obsolete and has been superseded by AMS Standard 595A from 2017 and administered by SAE®.

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The standard is also widely referred to as FED-STD-595, FS-595, or similar names with the version letter appended.

Federal Standard 595 is the color description and communication system developed in 1956 and last revised in 2008.

Each color in the Federal Standard 595C range is identified by a five-digit code. The colors in the standard have no official names.

The initial letter refers to the level of gloss:
1xxxx: Gloss: min 80
2xxxx: Semi-gloss: 30-45
3xxxx: Flat/Matt: max 6

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Federal Std. 595C Color Fan

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Finish: semi-matt.

US Federal Standard 595C last published in Jan 2008.
10 inches X 2 inches (254 X 51mm); 650 colors on 65 leaves - 10 colors to the leaf. Each color palette is 0.6" X 2" (15 X 51mm) in size.

Now superseded by AMS Standard 595A - click here.


No longer available

Federal Spec. 595C colour chips

Individual Federal Standard 595C color chip

Size: 76 x 127mm - 3" x 5"
Finish: 1xxxx Gloss min 80; 2xxxx Semi-gloss 30-45; 3xxxx Flat/matt max 6
We regret that a few colour chips may not be available and are therefore not included in the list below.

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