PANTONE® Uncoated (U) Range Colour Chart


Pantone LLC in New Jersey have requested that remove the colour chart of the Pantone Coated and Pantone Uncoated colours and any colour lists referring to Pantone reference numbers as they claim possible copyright infringement! .

We find this regrettable as there are approximately 300 websites currently displaying Pantone colours in their entirety; the information used to collate the colour chart is freely available and the use of Pantone colours and references is common place in verbal, written and digital communication.


We are happy to display other colour ranges.


If you wish to view these colours individually - click here.


Do you think that should be able to show a guide to Pantone colours in the form of an on-line chart without the threat of legal action?
94.9% (23274) 5.1% (1247)

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